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100 Deadly Skills

Potential dangers lurk everywhere these days. Disasters strike in war-torn regions and farflung
locations—but with alarming regularity, they also seem to inch closer and closer to
home. Spanning acts of terror, mass shootings, and the unseen (and sometimes virtual) matrix
of everyday crime, danger refuses to be confined to dark alleys, unstable nations, or distant zip
People tend to imagine worst-case scenarios in highly colorful terms, but chaos and crime
are the real apocalyptic scenarios. We picture aliens, frozen tundra, and intergalactic warfare,
when in fact the catastrophic event we’ve been waiting for is more likely to look like a
mundane report of vandalism on last night’s news—or the massive Internet shutdown in
tomorrow’s headlines. Or, indeed, the violent criminal hiding in the shadows of a desolate
parking garage. In the face of true catastrophe, a basement full of canned peas and distilled
water isn’t likely to be much help.
In a future where every stranger poses a potential threat, knowing the predator mindset is
the only safe haven. What are the tricks used by the stealthiest, most dangerous human beings
in our midst? How can you spot and avoid the dangers that surround us? You could turn to
the criminal class to find out. Or you could go one better by taking a page from some of the
most highly trained specialists on the planet.
The one hundred deadly skills you are about to encounter are adapted from the world of
special operations, a complex web of associations dominated by operatives with a shared
predilection for intrigue and danger. These elite, highly skilled warriors are charged with
risking their lives under the most challenging and dire conditions on earth. As operatives who
routinely infiltrate the world’s most dangerous and volatile regions, they must be equal parts
spies, soldiers, and lawless rule-breakers.
They are action heroes for modern times, one-part James Bond, the other Rambo. Some call
these highly skilled operatives “Violent Nomads,” as a nod to their disregard for international
borders and their bias for swift, brutal action.
Many of the techniques that make up the Violent Nomad body of knowledge cannot be
divulged without severe risk to public safety, but a great deal of potentially lifesaving
information can still be shared. Each skill is broken down into its most critical parts, or
Courses of Action (COAs), and summed up by a BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front), which spells
out the key takeaway from the operative’s perspective; Civilian BLUFs flip the skills around
and outline preventive measures civilians can take to arm themselves against predators using
these particular techniques.
As a retired Navy SEAL who spent several years inside the NSA (National Security Agency),
in writing this book I drew on an unusual breadth of experience that spans twenty years spent
running special ops all over the world, both in teams and alone, and merges lessons learned
from both combat and surveillance. The skills in this book represent a potential path to
survival in the face of any number of dangerous situations, from eluding pursuers and escaping
abduction to self-defense. And they may even provide a blueprint for getting through
The world isn’t getting any safer, but you can be prepared. Whether you’re faced with an
alien invasion or an assailant wielding a seemingly innocuous item such as a water bottleI or
an umbrella, learning how to think like a Violent Nomad will radically improve your chances
of coming out on top.

Si los textos de Clint Emerson son interesantes, las ilustraciones de Ted Slampya, a mi personalmente me parecen una delicia. Estoy seguro que las ilustraciones ya las conocéis pues circulan por Internet normalmente sueltas. Aquí las tenéis todas, en su formato original.

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